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Warriors is not lacking motivation says coach Steve Kerr after session start struggle

warrior coach Steve Kerr says earily loss in session is not a big issue as he feel the team is full of motivation. The defending champion warrior have not  a good session till now.

But the record and place in the standings say otherwise, and so do the Toronto Raptors, fresh off a 20-point smackdown of the Warriors on the road and without Kawhi Leonard.

So here we are, raising the question.

In somewhat of an early-season surprise, the NBA penthouse seems muddled and perhaps crowded beyond the occupancy limit, with a half dozen teams claiming to a degree that they belong somewhere in the conversation.

As the NBA creeps toward Christmas Day to signal the unofficial let’s-start-taking-it-seriously season, there is confusion surrounding the issue of exactly who Goliath happens to be. Understand that, in the big picture, this is very much a now thing. Meaning, it doesn’t really matter for another few months. Eventually the truth shall set our confused minds free. Just consider this a curious and necessary checkpoint, if nothing else.

In the East, the Raptors have held it down for weeks now and boast the best record in the league, yet they’re also 0-2 against the stubborn Bucks, nipping at their sneaker heels. In the West, five different teams have held the top spot since the first week of the season, and assuming the Warriors still pass everyone’s smell test, there’s no clear-cut No. 2.

What this means: Drama.

“A lot of teams are playing well,” said Warriors forward Kevin Durant, before checking off the Bucks, Celtics, Raptors (of course) and the look-out-here-they-come Lakers. “We’re all trying to figure out who will be those teams that’ll be around in the end.”

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